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BI-Fuel ECU (SI-3000)

BI-Fuel ECU (SI-3000)


OBD-II Self-diagnosis function

  • Service data monitoring
  • Output of self-diagnosis failure code

Fail-safe function

  • Automatic switch to gasoline fuel injection in case of disconnection or short circuit of CNG injector
  • Automatic switch to gasoline fuel injection in case of CNG pressure sensor and temperature sensor failure
  • Automatic switch to gasoline fuel injection if the CNG tank pressure drops below a set pressure.
  • Automatic switch to gasoline fuel injection in case of disconnection or short circuit of cut-off solenoid valve

Basic performance

  • Produces power in CNG mode, which is equivalent to over 90% of that produced in the gasoline mode
  • Starts the engine using CNG fuel at cold start and/or initial start-up (reduced emission during the cold start and improved fuel economy)
  • 3 operating modes
    1. ① Gasoline mode: start-up and operation using gasoline
    2. ② Auto mode: Start-up with gasoline fuel and automatic switch to CNG mode when certain engine requirements (such as coolant temperature, rpm, etc.) are satisfied
    3. ③ CNG mode: Start-up and operation using CNG

Reliability and stability

  • CE certified (R-110)
  • EMC certified (ES-96200)
  • Satisfies European Emission Standards EURO-Ⅵ

Additional Functions

  • Auto-tuning integrated
  • Increased power output in case of rapid acceleration in a high load operating range through simultaneous control of gasoline-CNG (or LPG) injectors
  • Precise control of injection through the measurement of accurate injection timing of Pick & Hold control type injector
  • Air-fuel ratio control in the open loop range
  • Correction according to the battery voltage
  • Invalid injection time correction


  • Operating Temperature Range: -40℃~120℃
  • Operating Voltage: 8V~16V
  • 13 input channels (6 analog channels, 6 interrupt channels, 1 digital channel)
  • 10 output channels
  • Indicator: FND type that displays the CNG tank pressure in a digital number, minimum display unit: 1 bar, degree: ±3 bar, fuel switch function, fuel status (gasoline, LPG or CNG) LED display
  • Communication: RS232, CAN
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